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$1,000 fellowship offered to report science story

An IowaWatch/University of Northern Iowa Science in the Media Collaboration

Eligibility: Iowa college student journalists with a story idea they’d like to see get published, and seeking funds to pursue it.

Fellowship stipend: $1,000

Apply now with a story proposal that says why the story is important, its connection to science and how you would pursue it. Send a story proposal to:   

Questions? Lyle Muller, Iowa Center for Public Affairs Journalism: 319-389-4477

IowaWatch, the nonprofit news effort by the Iowa Center for Public Affairs Journalism, is seeking six Iowa college student investigative reporting projects that explore a problem that is affected in some way – bad or good – by scientific explanation. Story examples could include: lead seeping into water supplies; possible health risks related to improper pesticide spraying; whether people have knowledge, interest or opinions about science; plus many other news story ideas that would inform the public.

We seek six journalism fellows who have story ideas they’d like to pursue while being paid. We will help these fellows produce in-depth, science-related investigative journalism projects that can be published or broadcast by multiple news organizations in Iowa and the Midwest. Successful Science in the Media Fellows will be paid a stipend of $1,000 upon completion of their projects. The fellowships are funded by the University of Northern Iowa Science in the Media project, through a Carver Foundation grant. University of Northern Iowa student journalists especially are encouraged to apply for this opportunity but student journalists from any Iowa college or university may apply.


Scholarship from editing society

ACES: The Society for Editing is the nation’s leading organization of editing professionals, educators and students. ACES sets standards of excellence and give a voice to editors in journalism, government, business and beyond through top-notch training, networking and career opportunities.

If your friends come to you for edits on their papers and you receive frequent compliments on your writing, a scholarship may be yours (and scholarships can open doors to even more opportunities!). Editing – the craft of making other people’s writing better – is a great skill to have. You deserve to be rewarded for your achievements.

ACES: The Society for Editing awards six cash scholarships each year worth a total of $11,500, plus financial support for the winners to attend our annual conference. You can hone your skills and mingle with professionals who edit everything – breaking news, business presentations, magazines online and in print, academic and government publications, websites, newsletters, books …

The scholarships are open to college juniors, seniors and graduate students. The application process is simple (though the standards are high) and the deadline is Nov. 15.

Learn more and apply today!

Communications associate, ACLU of Iowa

ACLU of Iowa is creating a new communications associate position to expand its communications work. This is a full-time paid position. Deadline for applications is Sept. 1. For more information and to apply, see:

Project manager, W.D.M. schools


Position Type: Community Education/Project Manager
Location: The Learning Resource Center
Date Available: 08/01/2018
Applications due: 07/12/2018

The West Des Moines Community School District is looking for a project manager. The position assists the Director of Community Education and provides leadership regarding the overall strategy, implementation, and evaluation of Community Education programs and services, including process improvement, community outreach, and promotion. Full-time, 12-month position.  $55,000/year.  Bachelor’s degree and minimum of four years in project management/communications.  Strong interpersonal skills, strategic thinking, marketing and promotion, Adobe Creative Suite.

To apply, see


Scholarship contest for college columnists

The National Society of Newspaper Columnists Education Foundation is offering a $5,000 scholarship to the winner of the Dear Abby College Scholarship Contest. The scholarship program is made possible through the support of Jeanne Phillips, who writes the nationally syndicated Dear Abby column.

Undergraduates (including seniors) writing bylined general interest, editorial or specialized columns appearing in print or online editions of college publications.

Submit three bylined columns (published 8/15/17 – 6/15/18) at entry per student. No entry fee required. Deadline for entry: June 29, 2018.

The scholarship winner will be determined by judges chosen by the foundation.

Contact Scholarship Chairman Mike Leonard by email at For more details on contest rules please visit

Designer needed for historical society book (request for proposal)

Proposal for Services Needed

Project is for:
Southern District of Iowa Branch, The Historical Society of the United States Courts in the Eighth Circuit

Project contact: Margaret Callahan,

Project Overview

The project is to take text and photographs and combine them into a nonfiction book to be published through the online publisher CreateSpace. The Society desires to have print copies of the book available at the time of a professional conference being held in early August 2018. The Society desires to make the book available also as an e-book and is aware generally that that requires different formatting. The e-book formatting may or may not be considered part of the immediate project, as appropriate.

The book is on local court history and will be designated as a “second edition” of a book put out about 25 years ago.

Project Specifics (as currently known)

We will provide the text in Word format (in standard page size, unless that is an issue). No editing of text is involved in the project. Tasks needed would include —

  • formatting the text for our chosen page size
  • choosing an appropriate type style and size
  • developing an appropriate style for chapter headings, including type size and style
  • working with photos so they print well, and sizing and helping decide where they should be inserted
  • inserting headers and page numbers
  • working with the table of contents
  • setting up the title page and other initial pages to include appropriate information
  • designing (or at least laying out) and formatting, the cover from photos we provide
  • meeting CreateSpace formatting requirements
  • identifying additional issues to make the book conform to a reasonably professional standard

The book size is to be 6 inches by 9 inches. As a rough estimate, the book will have about 600 pages (if it reaches 700 pages, we will cut the text some, because that seems to affect CreateSpace margin requirements).

We would like the book to have chapter-specific page headers on the right-hand pages (book title headers on the left). The book will be divided into around 60 sections which might need separate headers.

The book will include around 30 lists of names and dates that may (or may not) need special formatting to appear correctly in the final version.

We want the book to have justified type. Also, the text will include some features such as indented block quotes, italic titles of case and book names, and section symbols in citations to legal documents. The book will not have footnotes as such but will have collections of “reference notes” at the end of some of the sections.

The book will include around 37 portrait-style photos and around 9 additional photos. Only about half of these are currently in electronic format. Some of the photos may be available only from the print, pdf or Word version of the original book; we might or might not find prints of these photos in old files.


The main focus is the desired completion date stated in the project overview.

A tentative timetable would be:

  • Friday, July 6 – submission of book and cover files to CreateSpace
  • Friday, July 6 to Thursday, July 26 – receipt and proofreading of proof copy by Society members and Society project participants; addressing of any technical issues by designer/formatter
  • Friday, July 27 – submission of final, approved book and cover files to CreateSpace

It seems that the adequacy of this timetable might depend on the amount of work needed after original submission. We would be open to suggestion whether more — or less – time might be needed in this regard.

We would seek to provide all text by approximately June 20. This is somewhat negotiable; we would try to meet an earlier date if this leaves inadequate time for design/formatting. (We could potentially provide material some material earlier, if receipt in installments would be a help rather than a hindrance.)


Startup student publication pays for investigative journalism

Students at Trinity University in San Antonio announce a startup publication called The Contemporary. The website’s goal is to empower collegiate journalists to report on the intersection between important local and national issues near and on campus. This semester, The Contemporary will be paying student journalists to investigate pressing issues in a long-form format.

If you would like more information, please visit the websiteIf you are interested in contributing a story, please fill out this story pitch form.

The Contemporary team has won venture funding from the Stumberg Entrepreneurship Competition. It has also partnered with Trinity University in a successful fundraising campaign.

The Contemporary has collaborated with over 20 universities and publications to present unique insights to readers.

​If you have any questions, contact business manager Zabdi Salazar   at or