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Alyssa Zipperer

Major: Public Relations and Marketing

Graduation date: May 2016 Continue reading


Kim Hennen

Major: Public Relations

Graduation date: May 2016

What kind of work looking for: I’m looking for an entry level or post-grad internship position within an agency, specifically for account service and public relations work. I’m from the Twin Cities area and am interested in moving back there after graduation this spring, however, I am willing to relocate to any city. Continue reading

Adam Graves

Major: Public Relations

Graduation date: 2016

What kind of work looking for: I am looking for a full-time job in an agency or doing anything public relations/event planning/social media related. I am open to move anywhere or stay in Des Moines. Places I am interested in are Des Moines, Omaha or anywhere in the South. Continue reading

Benjamin Wildner

Major: Marketing, Radio/TV Producing

Graduation date: 2014

What kind of work are you looking for? I am seeking full-time entry level employment in a marketing, PR, or corporate communications team. My ideal position includes a wide variety of different tasks and a fast pace. Exercising my media production skills would be nice but my primary interest is in the study of audience interests and activities and finding ways to shape them. Continue reading