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Iowa brewer looking for marketing assistant

Toppling Goliath, a brewer based in Decorah, Ia., is looking to add a full-time marketing assistant to our team, working with our Marketing Director to create content to advertise, promote, and support the TG brand. This position would run TG’s social media sites, create content for those platforms and communicate with customers online. Design, photography, videography, HTML, and writing skills are a must. This position would help with day to day design needs for the company, marketing plan creation, and website upkeep. Looking for a driven candidate with real-world experience who is passionate about design, marketing, and branding.

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Public media virtual career fair

NPR and PBS stations are hiring! Right now, stations around the country are looking for reporters and editors, social media and digital experts, fundraisers and underwriting sales people; music hosts, videographers, engagement coordinators and event planners. Many of these stations are participating in Current’s October 17 Public Media Virtual Career Fair, a recruiting event that’s free and accessible to students and alumni.

The Virtual Career Fair is an easy way to job shop, make connections, learn about public media, secure follow-up interviews and get on the radar with recruiters for future openings.

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Internships, University Communications

University Communications, which runs Drake’s public relations and marketing activities, is hiring a fleet of student interns for the 2018-19 academic year. The details:

Primary Requirements

Applications are welcome from all interested undergraduate students; however, preference will be given to those students who have:

  • Completed one year of studies and/or an internship
  • Previously held some sort of paid employment
  • Demonstrated an ability to produce compelling social media content

Other Requirements

  •  Sincere passion for the University and a strong commitment to strengthening its brand and reputation
  • Confidence and maturity, with a commitment to acting professionally at all times
  • Discretion, given that the department handles sensitive and confidential information


  • All positions pay $10 per hour
  • No student may work more than 20 hours per week while classes are in session
  • No work is to be completed during final examinations

The available positions are:

Marketing Specialist

  • Help develop and implement marketing strategies for specific programs and initiatives, which may extend across campus and/or to the public – in the metro, around the nation, and worldwide.
  • Conduct research, analyze data, participate in strategy discussions, help write marketing plans and/or coordinate specific projects with campus partners
  • Create original content twice per week for University social media, under the co-direction of Admission and UC&M, showing glimpses of what life is like at Drake
  • Scheduling is flexible. Up to 15 hours per week during Fall and Spring semesters; an additional 12 hours per week available during J-Term, if desired.
  • Hiring Contact: Betsy McKibbin, Director of Marketing,

Communications Specialist (two positions)

  • Research, write and edit feature-style articles for digital and print communication (generally 1-2 stories per month, approximately 500 words in length each), as well as some marketing-oriented content to be repurposed across vehicles and platforms
  • Research, write and distribute low- to medium-impact news releases that are largely local or regional in reach
  • Compile DU in the News, a news coverage report for trustees and the University’s senior leaders
  • Create original content twice per week for University social media, under the co-direction of Admission and UC&M, showing glimpses of what life is like at Drake; also plan, develop and post more generalized content for these accounts
  • Monitor the University’s social media accounts, and assist in responding to concerns and questions that arise on those platforms
  • Compile the student version of OnCampus, the University’s campus newsletter
  • Scheduling is flexible. Up to 19 hours per week during Fall and Spring semesters; an additional 10 hours per week available during J-Term, if desired.
  • Hiring Contact: Ashton Hockman, Assistant Director of Communications,

Graphic Designer (two positions)

  • Manage assigned projects, from developing concepts to creating final designs
  • Serve as principal designer on assigned projects that are low- to medium-impact
  • Assist with high-impact design work, as needed
  • Create original content twice per week for University social media, under the co-direction of Admission and UC&M, showing glimpses of what life is like at Drake
  • Scheduling is flexible. Up to 19 hours per week during Fall and Spring semesters; an additional 10 hours per week available during J-Term, if desired.
  • Hiring Contact: Dexter Jacobs, Assistant Director of Brand Integration,


  • Organize photo/video shoots
  • Serve as principal photographer/videographer for assigned shoots
  • Assist with other photo/video shoots, as assigned
  • Select images and update the University’s photo archives
  • Create original content twice per week for University social media, under the co-direction of Admission and UC&M, showing glimpses of what life is like at Drake
  • Scheduling is flexible. Up to 20 hours per week during Fall and Spring semesters.
  • Hiring Contact: Justice Simpson, Assistant Director of Brand Integration,

Project manager, W.D.M. schools


Position Type: Community Education/Project Manager
Location: The Learning Resource Center
Date Available: 08/01/2018
Applications due: 07/12/2018

The West Des Moines Community School District is looking for a project manager. The position assists the Director of Community Education and provides leadership regarding the overall strategy, implementation, and evaluation of Community Education programs and services, including process improvement, community outreach, and promotion. Full-time, 12-month position.  $55,000/year.  Bachelor’s degree and minimum of four years in project management/communications.  Strong interpersonal skills, strategic thinking, marketing and promotion, Adobe Creative Suite.

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Designer needed for historical society book (request for proposal)

Proposal for Services Needed

Project is for:
Southern District of Iowa Branch, The Historical Society of the United States Courts in the Eighth Circuit

Project contact: Margaret Callahan,

Project Overview

The project is to take text and photographs and combine them into a nonfiction book to be published through the online publisher CreateSpace. The Society desires to have print copies of the book available at the time of a professional conference being held in early August 2018. The Society desires to make the book available also as an e-book and is aware generally that that requires different formatting. The e-book formatting may or may not be considered part of the immediate project, as appropriate.

The book is on local court history and will be designated as a “second edition” of a book put out about 25 years ago.

Project Specifics (as currently known)

We will provide the text in Word format (in standard page size, unless that is an issue). No editing of text is involved in the project. Tasks needed would include —

  • formatting the text for our chosen page size
  • choosing an appropriate type style and size
  • developing an appropriate style for chapter headings, including type size and style
  • working with photos so they print well, and sizing and helping decide where they should be inserted
  • inserting headers and page numbers
  • working with the table of contents
  • setting up the title page and other initial pages to include appropriate information
  • designing (or at least laying out) and formatting, the cover from photos we provide
  • meeting CreateSpace formatting requirements
  • identifying additional issues to make the book conform to a reasonably professional standard

The book size is to be 6 inches by 9 inches. As a rough estimate, the book will have about 600 pages (if it reaches 700 pages, we will cut the text some, because that seems to affect CreateSpace margin requirements).

We would like the book to have chapter-specific page headers on the right-hand pages (book title headers on the left). The book will be divided into around 60 sections which might need separate headers.

The book will include around 30 lists of names and dates that may (or may not) need special formatting to appear correctly in the final version.

We want the book to have justified type. Also, the text will include some features such as indented block quotes, italic titles of case and book names, and section symbols in citations to legal documents. The book will not have footnotes as such but will have collections of “reference notes” at the end of some of the sections.

The book will include around 37 portrait-style photos and around 9 additional photos. Only about half of these are currently in electronic format. Some of the photos may be available only from the print, pdf or Word version of the original book; we might or might not find prints of these photos in old files.


The main focus is the desired completion date stated in the project overview.

A tentative timetable would be:

  • Friday, July 6 – submission of book and cover files to CreateSpace
  • Friday, July 6 to Thursday, July 26 – receipt and proofreading of proof copy by Society members and Society project participants; addressing of any technical issues by designer/formatter
  • Friday, July 27 – submission of final, approved book and cover files to CreateSpace

It seems that the adequacy of this timetable might depend on the amount of work needed after original submission. We would be open to suggestion whether more — or less – time might be needed in this regard.

We would seek to provide all text by approximately June 20. This is somewhat negotiable; we would try to meet an earlier date if this leaves inadequate time for design/formatting. (We could potentially provide material some material earlier, if receipt in installments would be a help rather than a hindrance.)


Ankeny Community School District Design and Web Internship (Ankeny, IA)

This internship is primarily focused on the website for the school district, but would also be beneficial to Project Management, Marketing or other Communications majors.

Contact: Michelle Siefkas, Webmaster, 515-289-3951.

To Apply: email resume, website samples, & cover letter to by the date listed below.

Selection Process: Interview with Communications Director and the Webmaster. Send resume and a minimum of three reasons this internship sounds interesting to you.

Time Period: Summer Internship: June-August. Apply by May 4th.

Hours: Can be flexibly scheduled Monday-Friday between 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. to accommodate the student’s class schedule. 400-hour goal will accommodate most university internship requirements.

Location: Ankeny Community Schools District Office, 306 SW School Street, Ankeny, IA 50023

Compensation: Unpaid, but will structure internship to meet course credit requirements.

Responsibilities: Under supervision of the Webmaster, and dependent upon demonstrated skill in various areas, the intern will:

Create layouts for best user experience:

  • New web pages (and editing of existing pages).
  • Restructure content on web pages.
  • Troubleshooting errors/bugs.
  • User experience.
  • Other non-recurring communications.
  • Posting web pages and news stories.
  • Monitoring website for functionality.
  • Organize content of district website.
  • Formatting and creating documents and data in google drive.
  • Develop public messages needed for sustained positive public relations. This may include
  • news releases, web page content, social media, special events, etc.
  • Update informational materials on the district, which may include social media, web pages, photos, and other items.
  • Research of new web tools and development of social media to integrate with the district website
  • Other duties as assigned (may include filing, researching, and clerical tasks)

Requirements: Strong technical skills. Preferably a student with a major or minor in computer science, marketing, or some other form of web development. Strong grammar and proofreading skills. Strong research skills.

Preferred Skills: Experience with Google Drive, Adobe Creative Suite. Experience with website navigation/design or user experience. Experience with social media such as Facebook, Twitter, HootSuite, and other programs. Photography or videography experience.