Drake Media Gigs is sponsored and maintained by Drake Journalism School’s Jr. National Alumni Council. The goal of this site is to assist in connecting talented Drake undergrads and grads with great career opportunities submitted by Drake alumni.

We realized the need for such a site after discussing the frustrations of both job seekers and alumni with job opportunities. It became clear that Drake professionals are out there looking for talented people to hire, just as there are plenty of Drake students and alumni looking for that first opportunity or the next big move. But there was no centralized, easy and free place to quickly find or announce an opportunity.

Enter DrakeMediaGigs.Wordpress.com. We chose a blog format because it’s simple, it’s free and it allows users to receive automated updates via e-mail or RSS.

So whether you’re looking for talent or you’re talented and looking for a great opportunity, best wishes and happy hunting.

PS – If you’re ready to submit an opportunity right now, click here.