Fulbright offers fully funded seminar in Berlin

The Berlin Capital Program (Nov. 11–18, 2018), operated by the German-American Fulbright Commission, invites young American journalists and students of journalism to Germany to participate in a week-long seminar on current developments in German media and politics. The program is conducted in English and is fully funded by the Fulbright Commission.

With the goal of a better understanding of transatlantic issues and of promoting professional and academic networks between Germany and the U.S., this intensive program offers American journalists the opportunity to gain a deeper awareness of the political, economic and cultural environment in Germany/Europe, with a special focus on the German media and its role in politics and society.

Past program participants have journeyed from the bowels of the Stasi archives, where they pondered the role of privacy in German society, to the glass dome of the Reichstag, where transparency in modern German government is represented in the very structure it inhabits. A day trip to Leipzig included a briefing by a Member of Parliament representing Saxony on the overall view from the eastern side of Germany as the country tries to find common ground on issues like immigration and its place in Europe. A guided walk through Berlin’s Kreuzberg district considered urban planning and public policy issues, tracing Berlin’s constant struggle to grow and attract business while maintaining its unique identity and strong sense of community. Highly interactive tours of Berlin’s iconic sites, intimate meetings with entrepreneurs and media personalities, hands-on encounters and frank conversations with Germans from all walks of life, an evening of politically-tinged avant-garde theater, panel discussions with renown international journalists, and brief if poignant exchanges with German colleagues ranging from a studio manager at a college radio station to editors at a global media powerhouse – all have previously been part of the Berlin Capital Program.

 To be eligible for the program, applicants must be:

  • A U.S. young professional journalist, currently employed by U.S. media in the U.S., with fewer than 5 years of work experience in the field,
  • Or a Master’s student in the field of journalism or communications at a U.S. university,
  • Or a graduating senior in the field of journalism or communications at a U.S. university;
  • Demonstrate relevant background and professional interests;
  • U.S. citizens. Dual citizenship holders with German citizenship are not eligible;
  • Permanently reside in the U.S. and have a valid U.S.-American passport.

 The award benefits cover program costs, including round-trip transportation between the U.S. to Germany, hotel accommodation (single room, incl. breakfast), several meals, local transportation and health insurance coverage during the seminar.

The full program description and application documents can be accessed at our Fulbright website and shared from our Facebook post.

 Applications are welcome until July 2, 2018.