Boulton for Iowa Campaign Internships

Boulton for Iowa is now accepting applications from individuals who are passionate about electing Nate Boulton to be the next governor of Iowa, and are interested in joining the campaign immediately.

This is a unique opportunity for interns to work directly with senior campaign staff while gaining hands-on experience on a statewide campaign. Interns will not only gain institutional knowledge about campaigns, but will also benefit from the career development component of the internship. Interns will have a wide range of rolls on the campaign, but may apply specifically for any of the below internships:

Finance/Database Management:
● Fundraiser coordination and staffing
● Donor research
● Donor database management

● Direct voter contact
● Votebuilder management
● Event planning and staffing

Time Commitment:
● Scheduling is flexible, but 15-20 hours a week is desired.
● Work may be completed remotely or in the Des Moines office. There will be opportunities for travel around the state.
● Internships may be for the fall semester, but individuals who would like to stay on for the
duration of the campaign are welcomed!

● Applicants must have a computer and a cell phone.
● A car is not required, but independent transportation is appreciated. For additional travel
to events, carpooling may be available.

While internships are unpaid, they may include class credit if desired and a letter of
recommendation, if requested.

To Apply:
Please send your resume to Jordan at with the subject line of the internship in which you are interested (“Finance/Database Management” or “Field/Political”) before September 25, 2017.