Social Media and Digital Media Fund Raising Assistant

Duties Include:

  • Assist in the creation and publishing of relevant, original and high quality social media content
  • Maintain a regular social media publishing schedule
  • Work within the strategy and goals of the organization develop an editorial content calendar to manage content and plan specific, timely marketing campaigns
  • Promote content through social advertising
  • Assist in the implementation of an on-line fund-raising mechanism via Classy

Essential Duties for Social Media:

  • Daily activities:
    • Develop relevant content topics to reach the organization’s target customers
    • Monitor, listen and respond to users in a “social” way while cultivating leads and sales
    • Monitor online advocacy and open a stream for cross-promotions

Essential Duties for On-line Fundraising:

  • Assist in the implementation of an on-line fundraising mechanism using
  • Identify targeted markets to develop engagement with Classy
  • Develop messaging strategy

Integration in Salesforce:

  • Assist in integrating social media and on-line fundraising into Salesforce


    • Displays in-depth knowledge and understanding of social media platforms, their respective participants (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc.) and how each platform can be deployed in different scenarios to support the goals and messaging of the organization
    • Maintain a working knowledge of principles of search engine optimization (SEO) including keyword research and Google Analytics
    • Highly knowledgeable in the principles of “Search and Social”
    • Maintains excellent written and language skills
    • Ability to effectively communicate information, ideas and training in written and video format

Pays $15/hour for 10+ hours per week.

Apply to:  Rick McNary
VP of Private and Public Partnerships

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