Notetakers, Community Studies Summer Scholar Program

The Community Studies Summer Scholar Program (CRSSP, pronounced crisp) is hiring two notetakers to provide a written record of workshops held between July 24 and August 11 2017 at Drake University. At the workshop, a group of young adult scholars age 16-20 from immigrant and refugee communities in Des Moines will work with three Drake faculty to create audio storytelling podcasts about immigrants and refugees in the city.

Responsibilities of the notetaker will include:

  • Listen to and observing group discussions and activities
  • Taking notes of workshop activities
  • Providing proofread notes at the end of each day
  • Meeting with faculty facilitators to ensure adequate depth and accuracy of notes
  • Capture essential themes that emerge in conversation
  • Availability 8-5 weekdays July 24-August 11.

Wage is $9 per hour.

Note Taker Desired Characteristics

  • Interest in and knowledge of immigrant and refugee issues.
  • Ability to maintain strict confidentiality
  • Non-intrusive in conversation
  • Respectful of others’ opinions
  • Maintain neutrality while participating as a note taker
  • Excellent listening and observation skills
  • Willingness to become knowledgeable of the workshop goals and objectives.
  • Familiarity with desired workshop report content so that the note taker is able to listen for and capture key themes and outcomes
  • Ability to arrive on time and stay until the end
  • Confident enough to ask clarifying questions to accurately capture discussion.Apply by Monday, April 24 at