Data analyst (Two Rivers Marketing)

Two Rivers Marketing is looking for a marketing data analyst to join our growing team. This individual will work across the agency teams to help collect, manage and analyze various marketing data sets, such as website analytics, email campaigns, CRM data, social media platforms, online advertising and other sources. The person will also help with performance reporting on activities that have already occurred as well as identify opportunities and criteria for future marketing success with clients and the agency.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop dashboards and reports for clients’ website, email marketing, social media, and digital media.
  • Work with Google Analytics, AdWords, Facebook Insights, email marketing reports and other sources to report relevant data
  • Help client teams identify opportunities and optimize digital marketing efforts based on data analysis
  • Identify trends in client data and offer recommendations for action


  • Bachelor’s degree, preferably in related field (math, economics, engineering or related)
  • 5+ years working with data and analytics/BI tools
  • Understanding of client reporting efforts including process and deadlines
  • Strong Excel skills
  • Ability to work with team members who are highly technical as well as those with little to no technical experience
  • Excellent time management and organizational skills

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