Opportunities at Tow Center for Digital Journalism

The Tow Center for Digital Journalism at the Columbia Journalism School has a number of research opportunities in the near term:

1) GRANTS: Call for Research Applications for Spring 2017 Fellowships |Apply here | Deadline Nov 15

The Tow Center has opened a call for new research project proposals for its four major areas of inquiry: Computation, Algorithms and Automated Journalism; Data, Metrics and Impact; Audiences and Engagement; Experimental Journalism, Models and Practice. With this new cohort, Tow has a particular interest in the following topics: business models within the news industry, advertising and journalism, branded content, bots, artificial intelligence, and audio/podcasting. Learn more about our research fellowships and how to apply here   .

2) JOB: Project Director – Platforms and Publishers (NYC) | Apply here | Deadline Oct 30

The Tow Center is seeking an Associate Research Scholar to act as the project director for a high profile, multi-year project examining the relationship between news platforms and publishers   . The full job description is attached.

3) JOB: Associate Research Scholar (NYC) | Apply here | Deadline Oct 30

The Tow Center is seeking an Associate Research Scholar to supervise and advise on research projects in digital journalism. Tow’s research initiatives include a combination of field research, workshops, events and published findings in the form academic journal articles & industry white papers. The full job description is attached.

Please share with interested colleagues, students and alumni in your program. Please reach out to towcenter@columbia.edu if you have any questions!