Campaign Interns, Phillips for Iowa House

The Andrea Phillips for Iowa House team is seeking dedicated interns for our Democratic campaign for Iowa House District 37 (northern Ankeny, Alleman, and Douglas township). The internships are designed to provide training and leadership development of future political leaders, staff and candidates through an intensive campaign experience.

Andrea is committed to ensuring the people who work on her campaign develop experience and expertise in the areas of campaigning that interest them the most. All interns will be responsible for general campaign duties, as well as an area of specialization.

General Duties Include:
Working directly with the campaign manager and candidate in day-to-day operations
Assisting with general campaign tasks as needed
Attending the weekly staff meetings and staffing campaign events
Representing the campaign at community events
Door knocking and phone banking

Special Roles:
Scheduler: Help the candidate organize and prioritize daily schedule, keeping campaign goals in mind. Set appointments for the candidate, and handle inquiries to have a meeting with the candidate. Identify community events the candidate should attend.
Finance manager: Work with the steering committee on fundraising strategies and initiatives. Draft fundraising appeals. Follow up on pledged donations.
Volunteer coordinator: Responsible for managing campaign volunteers, appointing, training and managing door knock captains, phone bank captains, etc. Organize regular Days of Action and other volunteer opportunities.
Events manager: Serve as point person on all campaign events. Oversee event staffing, publicity, building attendance, media coverage, and operational tasks.
Other areas of specialization include digital marketing, graphic design, database management, media coordination, data analysis, and communications.

Self-directed and proactive
Good communication skills, both written and oral
Good organizational and time management skills
Strong people skills and ability to work in a team environment
Ability to commit to about 20 hours a week until election

Interested applicants should email a resume to Josh Hughes, campaign manager at