Wildlife and Environmental Journalism Internship Programs in Africa

Oceans Campus is offering an opportunity for undergraduate students of all levels to become a member of the Africa Media programs in Mossel Bay, South Africa.
Africa Media is an environmental based media company specialising in the production of photographic, video and editorial media from the African continent. Four programs are offered specialising in Wildlife Film-making, wildlife and adventure photography, underwater photography and environmental journalism

·         The Wildlife Film-making Program offers practical introduction into the world of wildlife film-making
o    http://oceans-campus.com/programs/wildlife-film-makingprogram/

·         In Wildlife and Adventure Photography Program learn how to capture the iconic wildlife of Africa on camera and also how to interact with wild animals.
o    http://oceans-campus.com/programs/wildlife-adventure-photography/

·         The Underwater Photography program equips participants with the knowledge and practical skills to produce world class underwater photographs.
o    http://oceans-campus.com/programs/underwater-photography/

·         The Environmental Journalism and Travel Writing Internship offers interns real world journalism experience.
o    http://info.oceans-campus.com/environmental_journalism