Sylvan Learning Center Marketing and Communications Intern

Sylvan Learning Center, one of the foremost educational tutoring companies in America is hiring an intern to help with marketing, community outreach, camp development, and general assistance throughout the 4 center locations.

1. To help build the foundational infrastructure for a successful internship experience for you and others on the Sylvan Intern Team.
2. To assist Center Directors and Directors of Education in the Sylvan Centers by focusing your efforts on community outreach, marketing, and relationship building.
3. Creating, documenting, and following systems designed to make your job (and those that follow you) easier.
4. Fill out STEM camps, ACT Prep classes, and other programs as assigned by the Center Director.
5. Maintaining an accurate and up-to-date calendar of community events that Sylvan Centers can participate in.
6. Social Media coordinator, will design, implement and follow up to email marketing campaigns.

The Sylvan Internship is for someone that has an intense passion for education as well as marketing and community development. Your primary role will be identifying opportunities to share the Sylvan brand with the local community, conducting outreach to local schools and libraries, running social media campaigns, as well as assisting Center Directors with day-to-day duties. A high attention to detail, computer proficiency on Excel and Word, and access to transportation are a must.

Junior or Higher
The Sylvan Internship is for someone at least junior year or higher in college as we are looking for someone with a mature poise and confidence with the general public.

Education or Marketing Major
As the market that we serve is entirely composed of students and their families, a passion and/or deep understanding of education is required to effectively promote what Sylvan does. Room for advancement exists within the Sylvan system.

Effective Communication Skills
Communication is at the heart of what we do both with students and their parents. The Sylvan Intern must be able to effectively communicate both in-person and in written word.

The Sylvan Intern position will be given a significant amount of latitude when it comes to HOW the work is done. As such, you have the ability to direct the activities that create the best outcome for the centers.

For more information or to apply for the Sylvan Internship position, please contact Emily Smith at: 515-867-8000 or by email: