Shelbie Malinski

Major: Radio and Television Production / Entrepreneurial Management

Graduation date: 2017

What kind of work are you looking for? I’m looking for either a part time media job in Des Moines or full time over the summer. Ideally in entertainment television but I’m also interested in live television, radio, and film.

Bio: I’m a talented creator with an eye for visual design, a dedicated worker who doesn’t stop until a project is finished; always looking for ways to be innovative and creative in order to make something that’s beautiful. I’ve always loved making videos, I used to make my dad film skits that my friends and I put on, I would edit them together and show that at “preview nights” for friends and family. As I grew up I became invested in music and videos and started to turn in videos for school projects, edited fake movie trailers which I posted on YouTube, and began to start thinking that production could be a real career.

I enjoy working with many different types of media and look forward to making a career out of the things I love.

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