Manager, online learning (The Collaborative Education Institute)

The  Collaborative  Education  Institute  is  a  nonprofit,  6-member  team  providing  education  to pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, student pharmacists, and other health care professionals.  We are seeking to add a new position to manage webinars, on demand activities, and podcasts, which are the vehicles  for  our  learning  programs.    This  team  member  will  also  be  responsible  for researching  and  evaluating newly emerging learning technologies to improve efficiency in the production phases while improving the learner’s overall experience.

Currently in a calendar year, CEI provides 40-­‐50 live webinars and 30-­‐40 on demand activities. Plans to expand include 10-­‐20 podcasts per year as well as numerous 15-­‐30 minute rebroadcasts of journal club-­‐like activities.

The position is a yearly contract and is negotiable as hourly, project-­‐based, or monthly contracted hours. Estimated at a minimum of 10 hours per week initially with peak times at 20+.  Significant growth over the  course  of  the  next  12  months  is  anticipated.    Live  webinars  occur  during  the day  and  evenings.  Available immediately and by July 1, 2015.  Must have a home office and land phone line; appropriate technology  will  be  provided.    If  interested,  please  contact  Jennifer Moulton,  More information about CEI can be found at

The Collaborative Education Institute (CEI) was formed in 2005 through the vision of the Iowa Pharmacy Association, The University of Iowa College of Pharmacy, and Drake University College of Pharmacy. The leadership  of  the  initial  CEI  team  set  out  as  a  unique  partnership  to  provide  continuing  pharmacy  education to pharmacists…imaging a world beyond the initial learners.

Since then, the mission of CEI has grown to be simply, Connecting Learning to Practice. As a team, we work  to  accomplish  this  every  day,  and  strive  to  create  projects  and  partnerships  that facilitate  this  important work.

Today, we partner with organizations and learners all over the world to help them meet their mission through  educational  initiatives.  Whether  you  are  looking  to  fulfill  your  pharmacist  relicensure requirements  or  obtain  pharmacy  technician  recertification,  advance  your  knowledge  of medication therapy and practice, or become a more effective teacher to student pharmacists and residents, we’re here for you. We look forward to partnering with you or your organization to advance our mission, and yours.