Production and marketing for TeamStrong Inc.

TeamStrong Inc. is a Midwest company that puts on national-act comedy shows and stage plays. We are seeking two individuals that specialize in videography and can help with event planning. We throw 2-3 events a month and need these filmed on location and designed and edited for marketing purposes. This is a 12 week internship with a possibility to be hired on with a great compensation package. With this company growing all over the Midwest this is a great resume builder and gives you a diverse experience with this growing field. We are seeking to be a national television program and we are looking for your assistance.

  • Provide filming of events (comedy shows, stage plays) and editing
  • logs and archives videos for future use
  • maintaining website with footage of recorded events
  • website development
  • event planning
  • design social media content, promotions
  • researching resources to broaden brand
  • PR relations

 Basic Qualifications

  • able to create professional video edits from filming events
  • must be enthusiastic and willing to be creative
  • high organization skills
  • strong communication skills

Related majors/interest

  • marketing, business, design, photography, sales

Email John Martin @ with introduction and background. Deadline is April 1, 2015 for interested parties.