Marketing Intern/Assistant for Author/Editor/Producer

Part-time assistant for Linda Mason Hunter, author
10 hours/week for 4 weeks. Paid $8/hr. Beginning: mid-May
FOCUS: Marketing/Promoting the children’s book Three Green Rats, An Eco Tale

 Needing: Part-time assistant to help with social media execution, communications plan execution (media relations, writing/submitting blog posts, helping secure speaking/readings/signings). Help develop and promote a teaching kit.

Wanting: Student or graduate with background in public relations or English and an interest in green living. Must be an excellent speller with good grammatical skills. Need someone who is honest, reliable, who will persevere and see tasks through to completion. Someone with energy, enthusiasm, intermediate computer skills. Must understand the value of PR./marketing, and know the importance of details, timeliness, and consistency. Would be a bonus if that person wanted to develop creative writing skills. Also a bonus if that person understood the importance of graphics.

Benefit: Will learn how to market a self published book. Will develop writing and social media skills. Will come into contact with publishers, teachers, other authors. Will work from home. Flexible schedule. It’s okay if you have another job, just give me 10 hours of time a week.

Contact:Please view these websites before contacting me:, Contact me first via email: