SmartTalk Paid Intern Position

Looking for a solid writer who is also a self-starter. Cannot be afraid to ask questions or make mistakes. Will have lots of contact with key decision makers in the Des Moines community as well as celebrities who come to Des Moines to present for the SmartTalk program.

About SmartTalk

SmartTalk has been bringing women together to experience the power of the spoken word since 1991. In the past several years, SmartTalk has grown into one of the most powerful and entertaining live events in the nation. The core mission of SmartTalk stems from the idea that women are inspired by the heart and voice of other remarkable women. In fact, we became more than just a lecture series but a series of connected conversations. These thoughts, stories and pieces of advice shared face to face create invaluable connected conversations that truly renew, enrich and uplift the spirit.

About the Position (these are possible responsibilities of the position – will tailor based on skills of candidate)

Provide graphic and content support for sponsor partnership proposals. Identify decision makers and make appointments. Attend as able.

Provide graphic and content support for media sponsor partnership proposals. Identify decision makers and make appointments. Attend as able.

Work with Des Moines Consultant on social media campaign and the agency handling it as well as direct mail campaign and agency handling that.

Provide public relations support for the announcement of both the speaker line up as well as coordination of onsite public relations for each performance. This will include writing and pitching interviews and stories about the 2014 speaker line up.

Coordinate pre-show event in the lobby of the venue working with vendors and sponsors while providing a point-of-contact for all participating entities. Survey participants for feedback after each event for continuous improvement between shows.

Provide support to the venue partnership with the Des Moines Performing Arts Center (Civic Center).

Other exciting duties as assigned.

Internship overseen by Brooke Benschoter, APR – will provide any required documentation and performance appraisal to qualify for class credit.

Brooke A. Benschoter, APR
Connector, Networker, Mentor
The Consultancy
1640 Pleasant Street, Suite 240
Des Moines, Iowa 50314
Phone: 515-202-1396
Twitter: Bbenscho
LinkedIn: Brooke Benschoter