Summer reporting internship (Chicago)

Blackline Review ( is a new, online, journalistic publication that covers entrepreneurship, startups, and innovation in Chicago and beyond. We are seeking interns who are dedicated to improving their journalistic skills and are excited to learn about entrepreneurship and contribute to Chicago’s emerging startup ecosystem. The internship is unpaid, and can be from 10 to 40 hours/week.

You will be working directly under CEO/Executive Editor Rose Tibayan (, a professional journalist and former TV reporter and anchor, and COO/Venture Critic David Carman(, founder of the BNC Venture Capital Group ( and its umbrella organization Business Network Chicago ( with over 10,000 members.

We require that interns possess the following traits and skills: excellent writer, passionate about entrepreneurship and startups, eager to learn and grow and develop their potential, high level of emotional intelligence and sociability, good team player, and rock solid dependability. You must be able to consistently deliver quality results, meet deadlines, and be in relationship with the other members of our small team.

Duties will include networking, reporting on key events and relevant news, cultivating and writing original stories, interviewing entrepreneurs and investors and other influential players, helping to launch and maintain our newsletter, creating a directory for the numerous incubators and accelerators in Chicago, and possibly shooting and editing videotape depending on your interest and skill set.

Interns will benefit from our program in the following ways:

  1. Improve writing and reporting skills
  2. Improve interviewing skills
  3. Improve networking skills
  4. Acquire entrepreneurial skills. We’re a startup. You’ll learn how to grow & scale an early-stage company.
  5. Learn best practices of entrepreneurship
  6. Become an analyst and learn how to evaluate startups and early-stage companies
  7. Expand network and establish relationships with the key organizations and players in Chicago’s entrepreneurial community
  8. If interested and have prior experience, shoot and edit videotape and improve skills as a videographer.
  9. Improve career development skills.

You will be meeting on a regular basis with the CEO and COO of Blackline Review to review your work, receive constructive feedback, and discuss next steps and deliverables. You will be required to actively network and attend various events to report on the entrepreneurial scene in Chicago, cultivate and write interesting stories, and interview entrepreneurs, angel investors, venture capitalists, and other movers and shakers in Chicago’s startup ecosystem.

The summer internship lasts for 3 months — June, July, and August. If interested, send a resume and 3 recent articles to: or call 312-943-6376.