Wick Communications Co. editorial internships 2013

Wick internship program 2013

Wick Communications Company is dedicated to the advancement of the journalism profession in community newspapers. The company originated over 80 years ago beginning with one newspaper and has grown to include over 32 publications in 13 states employing 650 people. Wick prides itself on publishing excellent community newspapers. Visit www.wickcommunications.com.

This internship program will begin in the summer of 2013. Internships will be available for newsroom positions. These will include reporters, photographers, and/ or graphic/page designers.

All internships will be paid and the intern will be expected to be a contributing member of the newsroom staff. This will be an excellent opportunity to gain hands on experience covering the local community.

Mentors will be assigned to each intern. The mentor will coach the intern through on the job training and the practical application of their academic training.

Wick Internship Program

Wick will have a limited number of internships available for the summer of 2013. The location of each is to be determined by the Wick Internship Committee. Applicants must be ready to locate to any of the Wick sites although the applicant’s location preference will be considered. (See the Wick locations at www.wickcommunciations.com)

The internship will be for up to 10 weeks based on the availability of the intern.

Interns will be paid $9.00 per hour ($360 per week) and overtime. The interns will not qualify for benefits due to their short tenure.

A travel allowance of up to $400 will be provided to and from the location of the internship if necessary. The Company is not responsible for an intern’s personal vehicle and or personal vehicle expenses.

A living expense allowance of $500 per month will be provided if necessary. This will be limited to three months and prorated as necessary.

Applicants must be Journalism majors and must have completed their freshman year by the summer break of 2012.

Preference will be given to candidates who have worked on the campus newspaper or previous newspaper internships.

Application procedure:

Applications must be received by April 15, 2013.

The attached application must be completed and submitted with the following [Or contact Kathleen Richardson or Carlyn Crowe for a copy of the application form, or see Professor Jill Van Wyke]:

  • A resume
  • Three to five published clips, photos, or pages representative of your best work to date. (More may be submitted if you desire).
  • A letter of recommendation from a current academic advisor or professor.
  • An essay no longer than 300 words explaining why you are seeking this opportunity and your career plans.
  • Applications, resumes, and clips sent electronically should be sent as one PDF.

Questions may be directed to Thomas W Riebock, Director of Human Resources, 520 515-5989, or email tom.riebock@wickcommunications.com.