Interviewer for Des Moines author

A Des Moines area family has contracted with Iowa Author Mary Kay Shanley to write its family stories. These will be compiled into a hard-cover, illustrated book for family members. Completed copy will stretch from the early 1800s through to current grandchildren.

Mary Kay wants to work with a journalism student who has excellent interview skills and extensive interview experience. The student will conduct interviews with family members. When possible, interviews will be face-to-face, so the student must have transportation.

Here’s how the process will work:
•    The student will receive background information about the person[s] to be interviewed, along with a list of interview questions.
•    The student will contact the interviewee[s] to set up the time/date/place for the interview.
•    The student will audio-record all interviews, using a digital recorder that will be provided. The student is encouraged to ask follow-up questions and to branch out when he/she thinks there may be another story to share.
•    Preference is for the student to transcribe each completed interview. That way, the process is self-contained.
•    Mary Kay will ask the student to phone family member[s] if some information in the transcript is unclear or incomplete.
•    Mary Kay will write book copy from the transcript.

There’s no timeline for completion of this project, but we would like to move from one interview to the next at a reasonable pace. Determining factors for frequency of interviews will be the student’s schedule and availability of family members.

The student will be paid $10 per hour, plus 55 cents per mile [IRS mileage rate payment].

Interested students should respond to Mary Kay at Questions are welcome.