Research assistants needed for self-published book project (Des Moines)

One or two unpaid interns are wanted to execute research, interviews, fact checking, data gathering, and case study writing in support of a new, self-published book. The Des Moines-based author can coordinate the release of the book to match with student project/semester schedules throughout the coming academic year.

Interns will receive credit in the book and if this manuscript gets published by a more commercial publishing house, they will have that to their credit.

The book is being published using a new tool called “” – which essentially publishes the book as it’s written, allows people to buy it while it’s in process, and that person “gets the entire book for life as it evolves.” It’s a new tool to enable a more community-based/social book writing experience.

To see the early stage landing page, click here.

About the book:

Title: Grow Your Own — How to Explode the Labor Shortage Myth & Create an Endless Talent Pipeline

This book takes on the assumption that we have a skilled labor shortage in the United States. We can barely get through a weeklong news cycle without hearing that we have a need to redistribute taxpayer dollars to encourage STEM education paths, how jobs are sitting unfilled in manufacturing, and how we must increase the amount of H1B foreign worker visas to compensate.

The author contends that, instead, companies have outdated recruiting methods, suffer from generational biases, and are playing the victim. There are plenty of workers available when companies take full control of their labor supply.

This book will present the arguments on both sides, examine the data, and deliver interviews and case studies from economists and companies who are growing their own labor force.

About the author:

To see Doug Mitchell’s bio, click here.

His first book was released February 2011.

Contact info:

If you are interested or know someone who is, please either email the author directly at, message the author on Twitter @mitchgroup, or call/text at 515.306.9319.